There’s more than just butterflies at Idlewild Butterfly Farm! Visitors can also experience our menagerie of exotic insects from all over the globe: big and small, bizarre and beautiful.

Insects are the most diverse animals on the planet and we display some of the most incredible specimens out there. You’ll learn about the big role these small creatures play in the natural world and see some of nature’s most unusual adaptations.

Guided Tours

Join one of our experienced staff for a behind-the-scenes tour. See what we do and how we do it, from butterfly rearing to the care of exotic insects. Guided tours include a hands-on experience with our insect ambassadors: big but gentle bugs that can be touched, petted, and even held! It’s an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike.

Tours are available on our normal business days starting on the top of the hour from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Tours last approximately forty minutes.

Admission $10 Adults / $7 Children 3-12 Yrs / $8 Seniors & Military